Monday, 23 March 2015

Spring is here

The glory of spring has arrived and all hope is new and fresh. I spent yesterday strolling through Malborough, popping into the Dundas Arms for a spritzer then home for roast lamb. No other Sunday better. It was the first Sunday drink in a pub garden. Heaven. On that note, I found some heavenly print capris that I still can't stop thinking about...however my new purchases of today soon bought me back to shopping equilibrium.

I bought some white sandals to match my new primose yellow bardot wedding number, along with a grey and white chevron leather clutch. I now need to find a grey fitted jacket to finish the look. I think it will all come together rather well.  If you spoke to me last week, I did not want to talk wedding guest dresses as I had disaster after disaster, but one dress can change it all. Thank goodness.

Anyway, this post seems to have diverted into a fashion comment on my current state of purchases. Of course, I'm sure everyone wants to know about my new primose, slate, and white outfit...not.

Onto more exciting things on the subject of spring. This year, I am going to chase my dreams. Properly this time, not just haphazardly, or saunteringly; I want to chase the dreams I've always wanted and I'm going to go out and get it.
Spring has reminded me that there's no better time to just go and grab life by the horns.

I can safely tick one bucket list event off: horse-riding...the next goal is horse-riding along a beach and I'm doing that in May in Alderney (the location for the aforementioned primose wedding outfit).

I'm back into lacrosse again, season officially starts in September so I'll be training hard for that. My gym mantra I will be repeating is: I must run for lacrosse, I must run for lacrosse, I must run for lacrosse. Buying new gym kit also helps getting out there. That's always a good incentive; having a new shiny pair of legging to jog in.

Next on the list: buy my own flat, tour Italy, get my dream job in magazine publishing, be a pit girl for a season, learn how to ski, and surprise myself at every corner. You truly never know what you're capable of. Here's to spring and what 2015 brings!