Thursday, 10 February 2011

The Winners of February's Food Poetry Competition!

Congratulations to Kate Silvester, Tom Stone (twice monthly winner!) and an anonymous entry. Please read the following and enjoy!

February's Theme: Vegetables


Sliced beefsteak tomatoes
on a bed of crisp spinach.
A sprinkle of fresh basil
and a dribble of extra virgin olive oil.
Add generous slabs of buffalo mozzarella
and a sheen of balsamic vinegar.

A thin, crisp dough base
covered in freshly beaten tomatoes.
Crushed garlic cloves, just picked oregano.
Slices of local goats cheese melt
accompanied by a helping of aged prosciutto.
Add rocket tossed in olive oil once cooked
for a tingle on your taste buds.

Linguine pasta, freshly made,
bubbling for five minutes.
Add some salt and pepper,
some crushed tomatoes.
Introduce clams, prawns, tuna
and lashings of garlic.
Flavours exploding; your perfect pasta dish.

Kate Silvester


Sharpened Carrots
Frozen Peas
All my favourite
Edible weapons
Clara won’t
Eat her vegetables
So now she must die
Before she gets fat
She'll be picked on at school
I can't let that happen
So I'm going to kill her
Frozen peas to the forehead
Should do it
Oh dear
I’ve dropped one of
the carrots
It’s sticking out of my knee
Along with
Lots of blood
I can’t walk
Oh the irony
For now I am
The vegetable

Tom Stone

The Onion

I usually halve it,
cut it through the root
and roughly chop:

It could get tossed in a salad,
fried with bangers and mash
or thrown in a cheese roll –

but when I cook for you,
I take my time;
I leave the root whole
and slice slowly,
each piece exactly even,
then add to a stew
and leave it to simmer.


Please look out for March's Competition with the new Monthly theme.

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