Monday, 18 January 2016

Renovation update: decisions, decisions, decisions...

Our beautiful home...
To say this weekend was a learning curve would be an understatement. I've learned to chisel out mortar, insert steel rods and then point cement back in. We've also plumbed in a new shower and ripped off doors to reveal the original oak doors from 1901. Good progress was made.

We also had our architect visit to help us with the phasing of our renovation. He's suggested building in a little entrance hall, helped us realise that we can remove the whole chimney breast to create a open plan living area, and he's also helping us design our dream kitchen extension opening out onto the garden. He will also help design the loft extension in the future. This means, by the end of it, we will have a much larger four bedroom family home.

Our next step is to decide whether we actually want to knock through the chimney or whether we knock down either side of the breast and keep a snug room at the front of the house with the dining room opening out into the kitchen. Then we need to agree on how the kitchen extension will work best, whether to do the entrance hall, and what to start first.

Lots of choices to be made. Lots of ideas to be discussed. Lots of budget to be earned.

On that point, I may have a little business adventure to make a little bit of extra money on the side. Think pearls...rose gold...and beautiful, pretty, delicate, this space!

ZP x

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  1. A learning curve would certainly be an understatement. You learned a lot of valuable "DIY" techniques it seems! I am currently in the process of renovating my basement, and I really want to but a full bath down there. I had honestly blown it off because I thought it would be far too expensive to hire someone.