Thursday, 6 January 2011

Ancestry with Poetry

The following is about my Step-Grandmother that I spent a lot of time with but as we have now gone our seperate ways, I no longer see her. I thought it linked with my last post with the feeling of loosing and gaining relatives, feeling lost and found, along with their connection to food.

Your Blue Cardigan

for Ann

Mum took me to you when I was ill.
You used to make me cheese on toast.
I had orange squash and lemonade.

You taught me how to make tea,
We always drank tea.
You made big cakes the size of my face.

I bounced on your springy carpet.
I peeked inside spare rooms.
I dissolved into the beds.

I played with the bears and dolls you made.
We played scrabble and chess.
You had your glasses on your chain—

You helped pick out my first pair.
You were tall and smelt of lavender.
Your hair was light brown turning grey.

We spent millennium night watching
fireworks in your flowery garden.
I wore a starry dress, you wore your blue.

by Zara Preston

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