Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Friends with Food Poems

My good friend has shared with me one of her poems. I thought it would link well with my previous post where eggs were my main theme. I hope it can show others how food can permeate into poetry and how effective it can be. Please enjoy!


One of only two things
I inherited from my father
was the way I eat boiled eggs.

Or rather, when I’m done spooning
at the yellow gloop inside,
and the white around the edges
has been peeled clean and gobbled,

I like to flip the husk right over
to the smooth horizon of the shell
and pretend that nothing’s happened.

It used to drive my mother wild:
this tiny memory of him –
thinking I’d not started
when I’d eaten every morsel.

The best was still to come:
now I’d pulled off the perfect trick
I liked to bash it and bash it
until it was smashed away, and gone.

by Rachel Beckwith

The closing date of my monthly food poetry competition is the 5th of every month, or in other words; tomorrow!

Please send in any Food Poems you wish to be entered to zara.preston@bathspa.org. The winners get published on this blog so let food be the centre of your poems and send some in!


  1. Enjoyed the poem and the blog.

    Hello. I'm a former student of Bath Spa's Master's program and I saw Carrie Etter's link to your blog. I've made a link to it on my blog if that's all right. Just let me know if not and I'll take it down.


  2. Thanks, Libby. The poem is by my friend in my poetry class at Bath Spa. Of course it is fine making a link on your blog; the more coverage the better! I look forward to reading your new posts on it.

    I hope to hear from you soon and keep reading!

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