Friday, 18 October 2013

Hello again, blogging world!

Well hello bloggers/readers/beautiful people,

My blog is back! It's a representation of my cooking/poetry/all things arty. Please enjoy this new layout (the background is an image of my chopping board a few weeks ago) and relish in my easy, quick recipes that anyone can make. I'll also post some poetry from time to time when the words come to me. For now, I am off to plan dinner for this evening. I am cooking for my neighbour which is my new hobby that I love doing. Cooking for others is exactly what it is all about. I sometimes would rather cook for someone else than eat it myself. Dinner this evening is Italian pork shoulders:

I usually facebook/tweet/instagram my favourite mealtime and foodie pictures but now this blog can be my main hub of activity. You are welcome to follow me on any of my other social media platforms:



Make sure to check back for the recipe tonight: Italian pork shoulders. If you've got any suggestions then send them in!

Happy Friday everyone.

ZP x

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