Tuesday, 29 October 2013

My first foraging adventure

So after John Wright from River Cottage gave his talk on Thursday (see my blog post on it here), I was thoroughly inspired to forage. On Saturday, I ventured out near Woodstock, Oxfordshire, to see what I could find:

Most of these varieties I couldn't identify so I was losing hope of ever having dinner by foraging. When we were about to turn around and give up to the oncoming rain, I spotted a beautiful circle of field mushrooms up on the grassland:

There were dozens of them, and they were huge! Here's my total forage bunch of beauties: 

And here was my treat when I came home:

Puffballs and field mushrooms on toast. It really was an amazing find to spot those field mushrooms and it shows that going out for a few hours can provide you with a delicious dinner and all for free! I used John Wright's book on mushrooms as a guide so please please know what you're eating before you eat it.

This is the season to mushroom hunt, so grab your wellies and go and explore!

Happy foraging!

ZP x 

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