Thursday, 28 November 2013

Homemade Pizzas

Now these are really so easy that you don’t need to call a take away. Plus, I have a big cheat! Also, kids love to help so get them involved too.

Buy the packets from the supermarket that have flour and yeast in them, ready to add water. All you need to do it add warm water to the flour and then knead it for 10 minutes until soft and bouncy. Rest for an hour in a warm place, then split into two and roll out into two thin pizza bases. For a base, use passata with added herbs/parmesan and then layer with slices of mozzarella and any veg/meat. Be warned though – sometimes you need to fry off mushrooms as the water can come out in them when you cook them. 

Cook on the highest temp your oven will go (traditionally pizza ovens are extremely hot so anything to replicate that makes the best pizzas). If the oven is at its hottest then the pizza will crisp up better and not get a soggy middle. Fast and high temp cooking is what is needed for pizzas.

Serve with plenty of family, friends and fun. Oh, and maybe a salad.

We ended up making 6 pizzas for 9 people with a rough cost of £10 in total: that's £1.66 a pizza. A bargain compared to the takeaway...

Get making!
ZP x

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