Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas food: fish, roast dinner and glazed ham

So I've been very busy (mainly eating and drinking) this festive holiday so just wanted to show some quick pics of the Christmas food I've had so far. I have indulged in lots of fish: salmon, calamari, trout with potato dauphinoise (and that's just on Christmas Eve!). I love to be healthy and fish being an amazing source of omega 3, it's a key aspect in the food I eat.

Christmas Day was the usual roast dinner with extra trimmings, eaten with all the family. My sister made an amazing combo of brussel sprouts, cabbage and smoky bacon as a side - it's was delicious! Thanks Zoe!

But the best thing I've discovered this Christmas is glazed ham. I've always wanted to do my own but normally ended up buying it. We (my Mum and I) simmered the ham in cola and beer (to cover it) with peppercorns and other spices (we used Chinese five spice) for two hours. We then let it sit to cool and soak over night on Christmas Day night. This morning (Boxing Day morning) we took it out and made a rub to then glaze it with. Then run consisted of Dijon mustard, soy sauce, golden syrup, Demerara sugar, ground cinnamon stick, and ground ginger. Once coated liberally on the ham, we then cooked the ham in the oven at 200 degrees for half an hour. Every 10 minutes I took out the ham and basted it with the juices so the ham took on not only the colour of the rub but also the flavour. Here it is: 

I cannot describe how delicious this ham was but let's say it was the tastiest thing I've eaten all year (and I've eaten a lot!). I think we've discovered a new family tradition - the glazed ham. No longer will I buy it - it is far to yummy to make!!! This was the feast we followed it up with, a little meat and cheese Boxing Day picnic: 

Merry Christmas to you all, I hope you've all had an indulgent, exciting few days, cooking with family and eating lots. Oh, and happy new year too!

ZP x


  1. I would say not. I consider a roast to be a meal where the meat of the meal has been roasted. Indian food in Australia Whether the meat is chicken, lamb, beef, pork, game bird etc. so long as it is roasted I would class that as a roast dinner.
    Your meal does sound delicious though!

  2. Dear usen lat, please note that the ham and other food mentioned was not the roast dinner itself. In the text, I have written that we had the traditional roast dinner for Christmas day lunch; the glazed ham and other treats were simply additional dishes throughout the holiday period. I agree, a roast dinner definately is about the roasting of meat, see my roast topside of beef here:
    I am glad you think they sound delicious because they were!