Thursday, 2 January 2014

Neighbourly love: a friendship bonded through food

Happy new year to all my readers! I thought I'd dedicate this post to a good friend and my neighbour: Gabi. 

Gabi and I have a close thing in common: we love to eat but we probably love to cook even more. Every couple of weeks, we have dinner round each other's houses where we cook, gossip, watch movies, and of course, eat.

Here are some of my favourite delights we've cooked for each other since I moved next door in June. Some of the recipes are already published on my blog (linked with each title) and some are in the pipeline (come back soon for the recipes):

Beetroot and goats cheese salad
Mexican lettuce wraps

Fillet steak with mushrooms
Pork chops with pesto

Apple and blackberry pie
Banana cake with raspberries

Mackerel fishcakes

            Fresh Egg pasta

Chocolate and vanilla cakes

Marinated BBQ steak with wedges

Looking forward to our next meal Gabi, and for many more foodie delights in the future!

Get knocking on your neighbour's doors and see what you have in common; you might find a great friend you never knew you could have.

ZP x

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