Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Back in my kitchen and happy to be home: Australia, you were amazing!

G'day everyone!

I'm back from Australia and here are the best pics from the month away. It was truly the best holiday I've ever been on and to be part of my cousin's special day was something I'll never forget. Thanks to all my family for the amazing hospitality. It was amazing to meet new family over in Perth - it's amazing where family adventures can take you! I'll be back soon everyone!

I'm already back in my kitchen and I'm happy to be back where all my cupboard essentials are. Home is where the condiments are! Over the past week since being back in England, I have really struggled with jet lag. I've been falling asleep at 7pm and waking very early in the morning, but finally, I seem to have got back to normal.

I've forgotten how I like cold mornings in England and how subtly beautiful the country is. We don't need crystal blue waters or 40 degree heat to be a great country. We've got history, frosty mornings and pubs. I've learnt that we, as a nation, are far too uptight and opinionated. We don't let go of negative emotions which, in the end, let our problems drain the life out of us. We are also crazy for road rage. Chill out and go on the back road. Don't let things affect you and enjoy every frosty morning.

We don't need the sun to be happy so I'll leave you with a small sign of spring to brighten your day. The changing of seasons is what we need to cherish the most:


I'll be posting more about the food we experienced over there very soon!

ZP x

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