Tuesday, 22 December 2015

A new chapter forms

This new house of ours –
starting again – the patience of love
I’m learning.

Be patient with me
until I bloom into full life and burst –
spring-like and open.

Then enjoy me
while we nourish each other into fullness –
enriching each day.

You complete me.
Stay by my side and I’ll love you forever
if you want me to.

Life really is great –
if you allow yourself to be true to it –
express your inner design.

I have days of sudden gloom –
I panic like we all do and I wonder why me, here, now?
It’s creation and progression.

Creative minds wait –
for a period of uneasiness that opens a door
to newly found spirit.

This period of maturing
frees the individual to grow and allows
a new chapter to form.

ZP x

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