Tuesday, 22 March 2011

New Discoveries!

I have recently discovered that I can publish contemporary published poets! Although I have been publishing students that have entered the monthly competition, I think my readers would become better writers if they read what food poetry is being published right now. When I started the blog, I searched through antique book shops, flea markets and car boot sales to try and find old poetry books where copyright no longer matters. I have struggled to find any relevance with the old poems I have found, as food poetry is reflective to the culture it was written in, so I have struggled to connect it to recipes I create in today's world. The discovery of being able to publish contemporary poetry was music to my ears, and I am able to do it because this is an educational blog trying to help others with poetry and food. I hope that the following poem by Robin Robertson helps my readers to broaden their horizons with line break, asyndetic listing (listing with commas) and accurate word choices. Artichokes are one of the most intriguing vegetables and they will soon be in season in May/June time.


The nubbed leaves
come away
in a tease of green, thinning
down to the membrane:
the quick, purpled,
beginnings of the male.

Then the slow hairs of the heart:
the choke that guards its trophy,
its vegetable goblet.
The meat of it lies, displayed,
up-ended, al dente,
the stub-root aching in its oil.

Robin Robertson

With Robin's poem in mind, I am off to the farmer's market in Bath to get some seasonal treats, then I shall be back to cook dinner tonight. I will post my new recipe with my new seasonal food! I hope the poem inspires you to cook with new ingredients and discover new ideas on your poetry.

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