Friday, 11 March 2011

Winner of the March Food Poetry Competition!

Congratulations to Zaina Budaly who has won March's Food Poetry Competition! I hope the following poem inspires my reader's to pick up a pen and send in some food poetry! Well done to Zaina again, here is her poem:

The Sugar Tong Collector

There was something about them
picking up clustered sweetness
then set free in the perfervid
liquid.  Many times I watched
him behind net curtains, torn
by my longing, wild fingers.

They could have been Georgian
or once stroked by Her Majesty’s
painted fingernails; silver plated,
imbedded in skin and shiny as
mirrors.  Snaked writhed

like long hair in water meeting
a diamond ball at its peak.  Priceless
it was, the catastrophic way diamonds
crumbled when compressed; granulated, once
cast from a mould.  “Elizabeth I,” he sighed.

Even an oval-shaped sun, once cast from a tong
could not stun me.  I cried for attention, punching
 the sprinkled floorboards.  His words took
hold like water, soothed the burning coal,
left me fumbling for my own.

Zaina Budaly

Please look out for the next update informing you of the April's competition.

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