Sunday, 10 April 2011

National Poetry Month: Day Eight and Day Nine

Day Eight


All you've got is now.
This poem. My voice
and you. That is all.

No yesterday, tomorrow.
All you've got is right now.
Get up. Go.

Day Nine

A New Bathroom Moves In

But the old one is left on the grass,
rejected, empty, alone.
It looks like an abstract painting
by a surrealist; Dali or Magritte.

The sink is on its back- little birds
drink from the water that remains.
It's the inside looking out,
and the outside looking in.

The avocado-green bath blends in
with spring grass and closed buds.
Mud starts to settle in the hole
where bodies liked to slow down.

A poppy has sprouted
through the toilet;
and, somehow, nature makes
our waste beautiful.

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