Thursday, 7 April 2011

National Poetry Month: Day Six and Seven

Hello all, I am now writing this on a big screen which is a great comfort to that of a mobile phone's tiny screen I was using. It's been a wonderful day in Oxford today, the sun has been shining and my university work was put on hold so I could indulge in some rays. I hope everyone that is trying out the National Poetry Month is getting some decent poems written, or if not, try going for a walk to clear your head, or a bike ride to get the creative thoughts flowing. I wasn't that productive today but a few poems cropped up, albeit very under developed!

Day Six

Tide Line

Our bodies move
like two pebbles

that roll up and down
a tide line,

rocking with motion,
grinding to sand,

and weaving
in and out

until one wave
pulls us far out

and in to sea
where we can

still for a second
and then settle.

Day Seven

Right Now

is the fine line
past and present,
dark and light,
floatation and gravity –

the exact second of
right now
will rapidly be
into the past,

where the future waits
to be swallowed
and yesterday
is inhaled
by tomorrow.

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