Saturday, 2 April 2011

National Poetry Month: Day One and Two

My internet failed last night so I am attempting to type up my first two poems via my mobile phone. This is a first for me so I hope it works!

Here goes...

1st April

22 Mill Street

It's the time of night
when lightbulbs are warm
from an evenings glow,
where eyes are closing,
and the only light
is the flickering streetlamp
or when the clouds
part for the moon.

The houses quietly hum,
awaiting the morning sun.
I stroll streets in grey light,
patrolling your pavements,
until I find you alone.
The knife tucked up
inside my sleeve
is twitching.

2nd April

House not yet a Home

Bricks and Mortar,
Drills and Drillbits,
Walls and Timber,
Windows and Paint.

Sofa and Cushions,
Cups and Kettles,
Chairs and Tables,
Books and Bedsheets.

You and Me.

1 comment:

  1. I really like '22 Mill Street'. it builds atmosphere slowly and gently and then out of nowhere comes the twist which changes everything. But 'evenings' is missing an apostrophe! :)