Monday, 27 January 2014

Staying in vs. going out: a liquid diet

Searching through charity shops can lead to many exciting look what I found. It's a juicer!

I've been having fruit juice mixes for breakfast and it’s amazing! Orange, grapefruit and lemon/lime is a winner so far. Health kick for the morning, plus only £7 from a charity shop in Witney. Bargain.

On the other hand, when I fancy a treat, cocktails or drinks out are just what you want. When there's nothing impressive coming out the kitchen, skip dinner, and go for cocktails in some local bars down Little Clarendon Street in Oxford. It’s the best place for cocktails in town and you can spend the evening trying some cocktails tailoured to your tastes. Ask the barman and he’ll make you anything…just be prepared to have some stodgy food the following day to cure the drink blues! Blueberry pancakes and a steaming hot sweet tea is my cure (along with lots of cuddles!).

It was a brilliant evening, plus we bumped into my Mum coming out of the New Theatre on the way home…strange coincidence!

(8 days until Australia!)

ZP x

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