Monday, 20 January 2014

The Bunk Inn, Curridge: beautiful food and great service

A local pub close to my Dad’s house in Hermitage called The Bunk Inn deserves a post after the lovely food and atmosphere it creates. The locals love the newly refurbished pub and it's perfect for either a pint during a country walk, a Sunday roast with the family, or a romantic meal in the evenings.  I have been there quite a few times for dinner (coincidentally I will be going there tomorrow evening for my Sister's birthday meal) and I am always impressed with how delicious the food is. Follow The Bunk Inn on Twitter, or here on Facebook.

When I first visited, they described their dishes as English country tapas and we continued to order pretty much every plate on the menu. We were all in awe of their amazing lunch platter that they served (see left). We had sliced potato chips, potato popcorn, garlic bread, chicken wings, pork scratchings, rabbit, and lamb cutlets.

They were all served with various dips and sauces and it was all fabulous. The lamb and the rabbit shone as the best dishes, the delicate rabbit meat eased off the bone and the lamb cutlets (right) went with the blackberries perfectly.

I also loved their genius way to serve salt and pepper: carving out a hole in a block of wood for the salt. Salt crystals are my favourite so they won me over straight away!

The second time I visited I had the Buffalo burger (without the bun as I'm on my beach holiday diet!) and the chips (I have to treat myself somehow!) were soft and fluffy inside and crunchy on the outside. The slaw that came with it was just tangy enough and there were also pickled cornichons and onions to perk the buffalo meat up a bit. I ordered extra salad as I love the mustard dressing so much! The red wine that the barman chose was perfect and a nice full red was well received on a blistery cold evening.

We always leave The Bunk Inn very full and very happy. Thanks to the lovely staff, and of course, the kitchen. I can't wait to get back there tomorrow and eat again!

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ZP x


  1. The Bunk is a few doors down from me and I love it! I think the price of wine is a tad on the high side but the food (bar menu) is amazing and the staff have always been fantastic. I love it that you can rock up in your wellies with your dog/s and/or child/ren or get dressed up in your Sunday best.

    So nice to have the village pub back!


  2. Thanks for your comment. I agree - it's great that you can rock up in whatever gear you're in and still be welcome and part of the atmosphere. Here's to more great dinners there!

    ZP x